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Gooseneck Phone Holder

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3rd Upgrade Gooseneck Phone Holder
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Installation Video
  • What should I do if my joints are loose and I can't support my phone?

    ①Follow the installation video for proper installation

    ②Check the tightening knobs at each joint and tighten the knobs clockwise to the proper position

    ③Note: Do not over-adjust to avoid damage. If it never meets your elasticity needs, please tell customer service, we will respond quickly and provide you with a satisfactory solution

  • Why are there two holes on the base and will it break and crack?

    ①We provide two holes to adapt to the horizontal and vertical installation of the base, ensuring that the installation holes are facing upwards to prevent the main body from slipping from the installation holes during use

    ②There are auxiliary knobs that fix the main body at the installation holes and base. After the main body is installed, it needs to be adjusted clockwise to the appropriate tightness for you, but be careful not to tighten excessively to avoid damaging the base

    ③The base has passed many high pressure tests in the laboratory and will not break under normal use, and the PC material is not only lighter, but also protects the object being installed at all times

  • What is the difference from the market gooseneck phone holder?

    ①The 3rd generation phone clip is unique in the market, achieving the truly most portable operation.Can be picked up and placed with one handAll silicone protection in contact with the phoneThe biting force can be adjusted according to the size of the hand, providing the best protective equipment

    ②The new generation of shock-absorbing springs prevent shaking

    ③Compared to linear gooseneck phone holder, it has repeated adjustability

  • What to do if there is a product problem after eliminating the cause of improper operation ?

    Click here to contact us, each of our customers has a 1-year warranty!

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