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LISEN for MagSafe Car Charger for Dashboard

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Dashboard Phone Charger
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Installation Video
  • Why Can't it charge my phone?

    Please charge with car chargers that support versions of QC3.0 or PD18W or higher.

  • Want your phone to stick to the charger right?

    Phone stability issues are usually caused by using the wrong phone model and/or protective case.

    Please ensure:
    First, check if your phone's an iPhone with MagSafe (like iPhone 12 or newer).

    About the case: it's gotta be a MagSafe official case, or just a regular case but with a LISEN Universal Ring."

  • What should I do if my phone heats up during charging?

    To avoid overheating, remember NOT to:

    1. Use a magnetic case that's thicker than 5 mm.

    2.Place things like metal items or credit cards between your phone and the case or the charger.

    3. Keep lots of apps open at once, especially those heavy-duty ones like video or game apps.

    4. If your charger gets too hot, it'll stop charging to cool off. In that case:

    5. Unplug the charger, take your phone off, pop off your case, and let both the phone and charger cool down.

    6. Shut down any apps you're not using.

    7. Once they're cool, go ahead and plug back in to charge."

  • How does the LISEN warranty work?

    Click here to contact us, each of our customers have 2 years warranty!

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