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2E414- Travel Charging Stand

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Wireless Charging Stand
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  • What to do if your Apple AirPods don't charge

    01,Please align the AirPods to the charging position

    02, Please remove the AirPods case which is too thick

  • What if my watch won't charge?

    Encountering issues with your Apple Watch not charging? Worry not! Often, the solution is just a step away.

    1. Start by checking if you're using the kits charger adapeter and cable - they're tailored for your device's needs. Peek at the charging cable and the charger for any signs of wear and tear; these tiny warriors can get frayed with timeNext, turn your attention to the back of your Apple Watch. A gentle wipe with a lint-free cloth can do wonders, clearing away any grime that might be hindering a good connection. 2.Certainly, here's a gentle English reminder about positioning the Apple Watch with the crown facing upwards during charging. Remember, for a seamless charging experience, it's crucial to ensure that the back of your Apple Watch is firmly connected to the charging dock. A snug fit is key! Gently align the watch with the charger and make sure there's a solid contact between them. This simple step ensures your watch is all set to power up efficiently and reliably. Happy charging!Don't forget about the power source! Ensure that the socket or USB port you're using is indeed powering up. Sometimes, switching to a different outlet or port reveals the simplest of solutions.If your watch has some juice left, a quick restart might just refresh its system. Also, keeping the software up-to-date ensures your watch and charger are speaking the same language.

  • Can I use my iPhone with a case charging?
    1. The MagSafe charger is primarily designed for the iPhone 12 series and later models. These phones are equipped with built-in magnets on their backs, allowing perfect alignment with the MagSafe charger.
    2. Please use MagSafe cases containing integrated magnets that align perfectly with the iPhone and later models. This precise alignment is crucial for the most efficient wireless charging experience. The case ensures that the phone is always in the right spot on the MagSafe charger, optimizing charging efficiency
  • Can I use it on my Android phone?

    Please note that it is not supported for use. Samsung and Android phones and older iPhone models (prior to iPhone 12) lack these integrated magnets, so they won't attach securely to MagSafe chargers

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