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About Us

Lisen believes in that there is only ordinary people but no ordinary life. Lisen is always keen on putting the creative ideas and surprise into the seemingly common products to inspire everyone to re-examine life with extraordinary eyesight! Even the commonest item also need to break the routine. Just like a unicorn, to break the fetter and reject to be ordinary.



Lisen is a design-driven( independent development, and the pursuit of style 3C digital
accessories brand is committed to creating a highly intelligent life for young people.
Lisen includes 3C digital accessories development / design / production / soles In one.
In a few years, our factory's products have been delivered to more than 20 million consumers from oil over the world.
About Lisen:
In the concrete blocks of the city life, there are so many people work for their dreams and it seems that there is nothing except ordinary in their lives.
The designer of Lisen hopes to put some surprise into our thoughtful and extraordinary products which should have been formal, serious, ordinary and simple, to bring some color for the young people to let them get rid of the dull life.
Company overview:
June 2013
Lisen was founded in June 2013. Lisen holds the principles to research and develop electronics accessories that feature in both quality and taste, products such as cowboy data cable/matte full protection hard case cover and crystal clear full protection hard case cover have won high praises from customers since they were put into the market, and quickly become super star products in its leading industry.
January 2015
Lisen had a turnover of around a hundred million RMB in 2015. Lisen had also extended various sales channels such as, Amazon and except, which result in increasingly rise in market share.
May 2017
Lisen set its product line as "P-V-E-L"(Phone, Vehicle, Entertainment, Lifestyle) in the hope of bringing convenience and happiness of light smart life to common people through narrow down the distance between life and digital products from different aspects.
November 2017
Lisen has served more than 20 million users worldwide on multiple e-commerce platforms. Lisen is constantly improving its brand competitiveness and working to make progress so as to become an enthusiastic, thoughtful and faith-based brand.

Car Phone Holder Vent

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Car Phone Holder Vent
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Installation Video
  • What I had to pay attention to during the installation?
    1. You can choose to install on the left side or right side of the screen, please watch the installation video carefully and follow the instructions on the calibrator.
    2. After sticking it on the screen, please press the Tesla phone mount to screen tightly about 5~10s, and repeat 2-3 times.
    3. Do not put the phone on immediately after pressing tightly, please leave it for 24 hours to let the adhesive fully pasted.
  • How do you fix a tilted cell phone?

    Usually this is a because the phone being too heavy to support or the knob on the head of the mount not being tightened. Just tighten the knob, and you can fix the direction of the phone holder.

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