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3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

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Magsafe Car charger
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  • Why cannot I charge normally or charge intermittently or slow charging?

    Not charging or unstable charging is usually due to the power supply mismatch or phone case being too thick. Please Check:

    ● Your power adapter outputs at least 18W

    ● Phone case thickness more than 2.5mm is not applicable

    ● Avoid metal attachments or credit cards between the phone case and phone during charging

    ● If charging with a phone case, you must use the magsafe case

  • Why does my phone and wireless charger heat up ?

    When conducting wireless charging, it will generate heat, which is a normal phenomenon for any wireless charging. Please rest assured that our safety certification program will control the temperature within the normal range. However, to prevent overheating, please avoid using:

    ● Magnetic cases thicker than 2.5 mm.

    ● Metal attachments or credit cards between the case and your phone

    ● CPU-intensive apps while chargingIf overheating occurs, the charger will enter overheat-protection mode and pause charging.

    ●Try to avoid using high load software such as videos during charging as much as possible.

  • How to charge a watch bracelet that is closed?

    ●A watch that can be opened with a bracelet, you just need to open the bracelet and place it in the charging position of the watch.

    ●A watch with a watch chain that cannot be opened requires an additional step: gently flip the watch chain over.

  • What special attention should be paid during use ?

    ●Please cooperate with chargers that support versions of QC 3.0 or PD18W or higher.

    ●Please use it with phones such as Magsafe phone case or iPhone 12 or above.

    ●If there is an iron sheet,finger ring buckle,or credit card on the back of the phone or phone case, it will trigger foreign object detection and interrupt charging.

    ●In the charging process, slight heating is a normal case. If you encounter severe heating,please contact our customer service email.We'll make sure you're satisfied

    ●In order to ensure the ultimate portability and sophistication, we reserve two charging positions, iPhone and AirPods share one position, is the most portable solution on the market to support 3-in-1 charging, but if you can't accept it, please contact our customer service.

  • What to do if there is a product problem after eliminating the cause of improper operation ?

    Click here to contact us, each of our customers has a 1-year warranty!

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