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Lisen Dashboard Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

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About this item

  • LEGENDARY STABLE MAGNETIC PHONE HOLDER FOR CAR: With 2 3M adhesive pads, 6 magnets and an adjustable arch bridge design, this is definitely the most revolutionary magnetic phone car mount on the market. 2 sticky pads firmly stick the mount to any flat or curved surface. 6 magnets can hold all large mobile phones with metal plates. Arch bridge adjustment design can provide a larger and better field of vision. You won't find a second such powerful and ingenious phone mount for car on the market.
  • DOUBLE ADHESIVE PADS, LARGER STICKING AREA: This magnetic phone mount for car adopts the design of double 3M adhesive pads with a larger area, and the sticking area is at least 200% bigger than other ordinary single adhesive pad one. The larger sticking area can fit the curved dashboard to the maximum extent. Thereby improving the stability and durability of the adhesive magnetic car mount by 200%.That car phone holder mount comes with 2 additional high quality 3M adhesive pads for replacement.
  • GRAPHENE 3M ADHESIVE, EXTREMELY STABLE: The adhesive strength of this upgraded double-pad magnetic car phone mount is over 66 lbs. The graphene-based adhesive pad has gorgeous heat resistance and heat dissipation. Tested by LISEN laboratory, in an atmosphere of 122°F and -42°F, this car phone holder could not fall off with heavy things weighing 30kg for more than 72 hours. You can get dependable service from this car mount attachment in any inclement weather or poor driving conditions.
  • STRONG MAGNETIC FORCE CLOSED MAGNETIC FIELD: LISEN Magnetic Car Phone Holder Mount includes 6 sturdy NdFeB magnets, which can support up to 7.7 lbs./3.5 kg (15 x iPhone 13).6 strong NdFeB magnets, scientifically arranged to form a closed magnetic field. Ensure that the magnetic force is stable and does not leak or interfere with the signal. Your phone or tablet will stay in place even on bumpy roads thanks to the strong suction.Fit all 4-11in iPhone,Samung,Android,small iPad,GPS navigator.
  • SUITABLE FOR CURVED AND FLAT SURFACE: This magnetic phone holder for car can be stably mounted on dashboards and on other varieties of horizontal, curved and vertical surfaces. That magnetic phone mount for car may be fastened to nearly any position you desire, unlike other magnet phone holder that can only be attached horizontally and on a flat surface. The arch design can be adjusted 180° for a good vision.This small and elegant mount, does not take up space, and complements your car interior
  • INSTALLATION STEPS:1. Clean the dashboard and wait for it to COMPLETELY DRY. 2. Pinch the flexible 3M pad if necessary to fit uneven dashboard. 3. Remove the protective film and attach it to the dashboard, DON'T TOUCH THE 3M PADS WITH FINGER IN ORDER TO KEEP IT CLEAR. 4. Delay to use for 24 hours. (NOTE: 1. All phones and case included the iphone with magsafe, must use with a metal palte. 2. Mounting the metal plate on the phone's back or the case is advised.)
Lisen Dashboard Magnetic Phone Holder for Car
Lisen Dashboard Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Sale price$14.99 USD