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Q:Mount won't mount to dashboard?
1. Please make sure to tear off the blue protective.
2. No Leather, Only Flat Surface.
3. No Second use.
4. Clean the Dash with kit accessory before install.
Q: Magnetic not powerful enough?
1. if you use phone case, make sure the phone case support magsafe. it's very important.
2. android users need to stick the metal ring.
3. iphone 12 users and above can directly use without metal ring.
Q. Holder can't be used with cell phone case?
1. Please make sure your own phone case is a flat surface, because the magnetizing piece installation method is 3M adhesive sticking.
2. Can't stick the metal ring inside the phone case.
Holder falls off after mounting cell phone for use.
1. Please try to use it 24 hours after installing the bracket.
2. Avoid the vehicle exposure to the sun after installation. 3. Not on curved surfaces or leather.