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Lisen Car Cup Phone Holder Mount

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2022 Upgraded Cell Phone Holder for Car [Ultra Stable Pole & Base] Universal Adjustable Cup Phone Holder Compatible with iPhone and All Smartphones

R & D background:

After a lot of market research, we found that many car cup holders on the market are shaking and easy to break. In order to solve this problem urgently, meet customer needs and improve product quality, we developed this new 2021 cup car phone mount.


The main advantages of the car phone holder:

  • 1.The main body of the cup holder for car is made of high molecular polymer injection molding process, and the durability and stability can be guaranteed. No matter how bumpy the road section is, it will not shake or break the rod.
  • 2.The high-precision gear structure allows the clamping arm to firmly clamp your mobile phone and never fall.
  • 3.The thickened and widened extendable base, the three-petal movable fastening block can be firmly installed and fixed in the car cup.
  • 4.The ultra-wide expandable base is compatible with cup holders from 3 inches to 4.6 inches. Most adjustable cup phone holder on the market can only be compatible with 4 inches.
  • 5. Multi-angle adjustable, there are two universal balls on the clamp arm, which supports 360 degree rotation. The pole supports upward adjustment and an additional 2.1 inches of height. Provide you with a more comfortable angle.


Reminder: After placing the phone, place your thumb on the thread on the outer side of the arm and press hard on both sides of the arm until it is tightly secured.

 *The pictures with mobile phone are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.

    Lisen Car Cup Phone Holder Mount
    Lisen Car Cup Phone Holder Mount Sale price$31.99 USD Regular price$36.99 USD